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Why is water important for human life?

Why is water important for human life?

water for life

You often hear that water is so essential for human life. But why is it? Do you know that your body weight consists of 60% water? Water is present in your body organs, cells, and tissues. It helps out to regulate the temperature and other functionality of the human body.

Our body loses a large amount of water through breathing, digestion and sweating. So it is essential to dehydrate our body through the use of drinking fluids and by eating such foods which contain water.

Keep on reading to learn more about why water is so essential for human life.

Regulate Body Temperature

Staying body hydrated is essential to maintain balanced body temperature. As the body loses a lot of water via sweat in hot weather and during physical activities.

Sweating cool down body temperature, but it can rise too if you do not replenish the amount of water you lost. It is because the human body loses plasma and electrolytes when it becomes dehydrated.

So if you are sweating more, then you should keep drinking plenty of water to keep your body safe from dehydration.

It helps out to create saliva

Water is also an important part of saliva. Saliva includes a small quantity of mucus, electrolytes and enzymes. Water is curricular for the break down of solid food, and it keeps the mouth healthy.

It protects the spinal cord, joints and tissues of the human body:

Consumption of water lubricates & cushion the spinal cord, joints and tissues of the human body. It will help you to enjoy the physical activities and reduce the discomfort caused by the condition such as arthritis.

It helps out to excrete waste through urination, precipitation and defecation

The body uses water to urinate, sweat and for the bowel movements. Sweating regulates the body temperature when we exercise in the warm temperatures. You require a lot of water to fulfil the loss of fluid from sweating.

Our body also requires water to avoid constipation. An appropriate amount of water intake helps kidneys work more accurately and efficiently.

Maximise your physical performance

While doing physical activities, drinking a lot of water is curricular. Hydration also impacts your power, strength and endurance.

You can be susceptible to the impact of dehydration. If you are taking participate a lot in high-intensity games or endurance training.

Doing exercise in high heat without taking adequate water can create a negative impact on your health. The medical conditions include hyperthermia and low blood pressure. Extreme dehydration can also cause sudden illness or even the death of the person.

Helps to improve circulation of blood oxygen

Water helps out to carry oxygen and many other nutrients in the entire body. If you drink the required water amount daily, it will improve the circulation of oxygen in your body. Consequently, drinking abundant water will produce a positive effect on your overall body health.

Wrap up

Water is essential for almost every parts od body to work properly. Drinking a proper amount of water will maintain your current state. It will also impact positively on your overall body health.