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Month: January 2020

What’s the Difference Between Clean and Dirty Keto?

The ketogenic diet has become very popular in the past few decades because people get essential health benefits from it. But as the keto diet became famous, its quality standards also decline in the market, Due to which it is very hard for an individual to choose the best keto diet. Our today’s subject is about the difference between clean and dirty Keto. Please read this article to the bottom line to know the main differences.

Clean Keto:

What actually a clean Keto is? Normally a regular keto diet is low carb with 60-70 percent calories from fats and no more than 20 percent of protein. A clean keto contains whole natural soupy foods, somewhat sustainable and organic. As more as you restrict the number of carbs in your body, the amount of burning fat will be increased. This state is known as Ketosis. This process will let you get many health benefits like the risk of cancer will be decreased, the level of blood sugar decreased, and your body weight will be loose.

Clean Keto foods:

As clean keto is a whole natural food, so it contains many good quality food sources, like free-range eggs, olive oil, non-starchy herbs, natural kinds of seafood, organic meat, dark chocolates, and grass-eating beef.

Restricted foods:

Foods like potatoes, rice, grains, pasta, bread, and some fruits contain a large number of carbohydrates due to which these are restricted and banned. You can also take keto in moderation because it reduces the intake of foods.

Dirty Keto:

Dirty carbs also contain fewer carbohydrates, but it is not as nutritious as clean Keto. You can attain technical grains and ketosis by this approach, but you may miss many nutritious benefits and the chances of diseases may be increased.

Highly processed foods:

Dirty Keto is well known as Lazy Keto because it allows highly package and processed foods. It is also popular but among those people who don’t want to spend much time eating clean Keto. For example, if someone who is on dirty Keto might buy the double bacon cheeseburger in spite of low carbohydrates

salad or grass-fed steak with a high amount of fat decorated on it.

Sodium containing:

Dirty Keto usually contain a high amount of sodium. People who are restricted to high sodium or salt will get high blood pressure and an increased rate of a heart attack. Some supplements like trans fats and monosodium glutamate have very bad effects including heart disease, T2D, obesity, and cancer.

Lack of micronutrients:

A dirty keto may lack minerals and vitamins that are an essential part of your body. If you choose processed foods rather than a whole, nutritious foods, your body may become lacking micronutrients such as vitamins D, C, and K, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

Main difference:

The difference between dirty and clean keto is in huge quantities. Clean keto is all about nutritious foods, with fitful foods only whereas the dirty version of this might allow you to eat packaged foods.

For example, people who follow clean keto diet use vegetables like kale, asparagus, broccoli, and spinach, while those on dirty versions have very fewer vegetables to eat.

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